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“We are delighted with our build partners and their long-term commitment to the project,” says Veros Director, Duarne Lankshear. “We have collaborated with all partners on the design guidelines to ensure that they are all on board with the quality that WTE needs to deliver. It is critical that we build quality houses that will underpin long-term and enduring value of this new community.”

Each of the three locally-based builders have purchased land and will be building a show home on their chosen sites at the gateway to Stage 1 at WTE. It is anticipated they will be given the green light to begin construction early in the New Year, with the first homes finished by Autumn 2021.

Although each of these show homes will be quite different, they will all have a similar look in terms of style and materiality, thanks to the design overlay put in place by award-winning master planners, Baxter Design.

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