Cromwell Newcomers Network

In this beautiful town there are great people doing positive things for the better of the community.

Shared experience is the catalyst of conversation and connection.”  

This is the motto of the Cromwell Newcomers Network, the group that open their arms and welcome new arrivals to the area. For this group the door is open to everyone, including those who are new to the country, those transitioning into retirement or those with little contact with neighbours or locals due to working further afield.  The purpose of the group is for new arrivals to make social connections but also learn about the community and what it has to offer.

The group is led by volunteer Sharon Smid, who has called Cromwell home for nearly 30 years. Sharon is passionate about working with people and loves seeing connections and friendships develop as a result of her efforts and their involvement in the group.

Fun, Friendship and Adventure – is how Sharon describes the group, with all sorts of activities happening.  The group gather regularly for different types of events. A leisure walk and coffee group meet on Wednesday mornings, a monthly mix and mingle, social bike rides, a more adventurous Sunday hike and engagement in Community Volunteer Programmes. There is definitely something for everyone to get involved in.

As well as these regular meetings there’s plenty of other events to get involved in. There’s day trips out of town, movie night, dinners, theatre outings, fundraiser, sports games both attendance and participation. The group are sure to promote and support local businesses in their outings with winery visits, trips to Highlands and an afternoon of beekeeping on the agenda.

It is always heartening when I hear people reflect on the way Newcomers has positively impacted their lives since moving to Cromwell,” says Sharon, “they learn, share and grow whilst continuing to support other new arrivals.”

When asked about Wooing Tree Estate, Sharon shared her excitement about the development bringing more people into the CBD, adding to its vibrancy. As an avid bike rider Sharon is also looking forward to the new trail that will link through the development with the retail village.

In this beautiful town, surrounded by picturesque scenery, there are great people doing positive things for the better of the community. Get in touch with Sharon ( or 022 111 3083) for more information on what the Newcomers Network are up to next. 

People Sitting at a Picnic Table
Photo Credit: CODC / Lisa Hill

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