Stage 2D

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Stage 2D Pricing

Lot #Lot SizePriceExpected Title Date
210384㎡SOLDApril 2023
211372㎡SOLDApril 2023
212320㎡SOLDApril 2023
213316㎡SOLDApril 2023
214375㎡SOLDApril 2023
218310㎡SOLDApril 2023
219288㎡$335,000April 2023
220288㎡$335,000April 2023
221288㎡ON HOLDApril 2023
222288㎡ON HOLDApril 2023
223371㎡ON HOLDApril 2023
466514㎡$445,000April 2023
467438㎡SOLDApril 2023
468478㎡$430,000April 2023
469545㎡SOLDApril 2023
470694㎡$545,000April 2023
475451㎡$430,000April 2023
476451㎡$430,000April 2023
477447㎡$395,000April 2023
478465㎡$405,000April 2023
479730㎡ON HOLDApril 2023
480715㎡ON HOLDApril 2023

View our Sales and Purchase agreement here. Please note that area size is “more or less” and prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are inclusive of GST.

For more information about the lots and the Wooing Tree Estate development, visit our FAQ page.

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