Cycling in Cromwell

Discover why cyclists love Cromwell.

Enveloped by picturesque mountain ranges and tranquil lakeside scenery, Cromwell is a bustling town with a vibrant, growing economy. The town is envisioned to be a tourist hotspot on par with the likes of Queenstown and Wanaka within the next 10 years and the next step towards this marker is the addition of a new regional cycle trail.

The 52 km Lake Dunstan Trail will link the towns of Cromwell and Clyde. The trail provides cyclists an easy ride through the captivating landscape, offering a unique journey for all to enjoy.

A section of the trail by Lake Dunstan, north of Cromwell to Bannockburn is already open and in use by the public. The last section through the Cromwell Gorge is still under-development.

The Otago region is already a popular destination for cyclists, and this addition will maximise the opportunity to explore, an extension of well-established trails. The trail will play a vital role in connecting Wooing Tree Estate with Cromwell and the surrounding areas.

Lake Dunstan Trail
Dark Tunnel Underneath Mountain

The trail will provide a car-free route from Cromwell town centre to the Lake, linking in with the Wooing Tree Estate and other popular tourist attractions such as the Big Fruit sculpture and the Wooing Tree itself. This addition will help to mark Cromwell on the map as an excellent base for exploring the wider region and the increased connectivity of the region will give visitors a reason to stay longer.

The addition of the cycleways will bring equal value and enjoyment to locals and visitors to the area alike. With roads continually getting busier, this shift in focus to these pathways will increase accessibility for the residents using alternative transport such as cycling or walking.

With a strong, lively spirit, Cromwell offers a relaxing atmosphere and the cycleways will help weave Wooing Tree Estate into this community. Envisioned to be more than just a housing development, the subdivision will be a thriving hub of activity, and residents will have a direct link to key amenities offered. The network of cycleways will guide cyclists and pedestrians through Wooing Tree Estate as well as confirm its integration into the community of Cromwell.

The cycle trail is scheduled to be finished by November ready for this summer. Read more about the cycle trails of Central Otago here.

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