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Lot #Lot SizePriceExpected Title Date
236500㎡ $530,000IssuedSend Enquiry
265649㎡ $595,000IssuedSend Enquiry
423273㎡SOLDIssuedSend Enquiry
440511㎡$445,000IssuedSend Enquiry
477447㎡$395,000IssuedSend Enquiry
478465㎡$405,000IssuedSend Enquiry
479730㎡$565,000IssuedSend Enquiry
481271㎡$310,000September 2024Send Enquiry
482273㎡SOLDSeptember 2024Send Enquiry
483273㎡SOLDSeptember 2024Send Enquiry
484273㎡SOLDSeptember 2024Send Enquiry
485334㎡$335,000September 2024Send Enquiry
486252㎡$298,000September 2024Send Enquiry
487252㎡$298,000September 2024Send Enquiry
488252㎡$298,000September 2024Send Enquiry
489342㎡SOLDSeptember 2024Send Enquiry
530335㎡SOLDIssuedSend Enquiry
531335㎡$395,000IssuedSend Enquiry
532335㎡$395,000IssuedSend Enquiry
533335㎡$395,000IssuedSend Enquiry
534335㎡$395,000IssuedSend Enquiry
535400㎡$420,000IssuedSend Enquiry
1089284㎡$315,000IssuedSend Enquiry
1090320㎡ON HOLDIssuedSend Enquiry

View our Sales and Purchase agreement here. Please note that area size is “more or less” and prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are inclusive of GST.

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