Frequently Asked Questions
Your questions, answered.

What am I buying?

You are purchasing a freehold title serviced and ready to build.

What is happening to the Vineyard and Cellar Door?

Wooing Tree Vineyard is here to stay, and the creation of Wooing Tree Estate will create the opportunity to build a new purpose-built cellar door with supporting boutique retail at the heart of this new neighbourhood.  The award-winning wine will stay too with vines relocated to open space areas and buffer zones (as well as off-site) to retain the sense of living amongst the vines.

What is the expected completion date and what consents are in place?

The targeted title settlement date for Stage 1 is June 2021. Consent for Stage 1 of Wooing Tree Estate was granted in February 2020.

Engineering approval for the civil design of Stage 1 was granted in June 2020.

Benchmark Construction are the awarded civil contractor and established onsite in August 2020 to commence civil construction.





Scheduled to be complete April 2021

June 2021

The targeted title settlement date for Stage 2 is mid 2022.

Can I buy a house and land package?

Yes, but not directly from the developer.  The developer is working closely with several local building companies who will be offering house and land packages for people who want them.

What are the deposit requirements?

10% of the purchaser price is payable on signing of the agreement by both parties.

The vendor condition date is 31st August 2020. Your deposits will be held in a solicitor’s trust account.

What design controls will be imposed?

We have put together a set of design controls and an approval process aimed at ensuring clarity and transparency around housing and landscape design at Wooing Tree Estate.  Written by Baxter Design out of Queenstown, design controls have been careful to provide scope for innovation and individuality whilst retaining common themes, materials, and palettes to present a high-quality integrated neighbourhood.

Who is the developer?

The Wooing Tree Development Partnership was created in 2019 and is a joint venture between the existing vineyard owners Steve and Thea Farquharson and Crawshaw Properties, a Tauranga based property investment company. In addition, they have engaged Veros as development managers. Collectively the development team are respected industry participants with a reputation for quality and delivering on time and on budget.

What’s different about this development to any other in Cromwell?

Wooing Tree Estate will be a step up in quality from other developments in Cromwell.

How we will achieve this:

> We will invest in high-quality street finishes and landscaping.

> We will carefully design infrastructure to ensure ample on and off-street car parking is provided.

> We will focus on the little things or ‘one-percenters’, e.g. providing a standard letterbox design to provide a consistent theme.

I know Wooing Tree Estate will be a great investment but is there anything else I should know?

Over the next few years Cromwell and its environs are expected to experience unprecedented growth. Its unique location at the heart of Central Otago, being equidistant from Queenstown and Wanaka and guarding the main gateway from Dunedin and Christchurch, Cromwell is the most accessible centre in the region, and the closest town to all the vineyards, the ski fields, and all wonderful outdoor scenery and activities Central Otago has to offer.

Wooing Tree Estate couldn’t be in a better location.  It sits across the road from the town centre and within easy reach of Lake Dunstan, Cromwell Golf Course, local schools, cafes, restaurants, and numerous outdoor activities Cromwell has to offer.    

How will I be kept informed of any progress or issues with the development and its construction?

A bi-monthly newsletter (email format) will keep you informed of progress and other matters of interest on the project and on the surrounding area.

Can the price increase from what is agreed?

No, the price is the price unless both the vendor and purchaser negotiate a variation to such price.  The vendor does not have the ability to change the price without agreement in writing by the purchaser. 

Does the price include GST?

Yes. GST is included in our pricing for all sections.   

Who can I use to build my house?

There are no limits on which builders can be commissioned to build at Wooing Tree Estate.  Whilst we recommend selecting an experienced and reputable builder who understands how to comply with design controls, the choice is yours.

Can I use my own architect or only approved ones?

You are welcome to select your own architect.  If you’re not sure where to start, the developer is happy to assist you in finding the right architect or design and build company that suits your needs.

I’d like to build a secondary dwelling to let for short term accommodation (e.g. AirBnB), is this allowed?

No, at least not in Stage 1.   We want to ensure that the neighbourhood we create at Wooing Tree Estate is designed specifically to accommodate the residents who purchase.  If we were to allow secondary dwellings, we’d want to design roads and other infrastructure to support the additional load these create on things like on-street parking and dwelling setbacks.  We’ve decided not to go down this path in Stage 1 and have therefore precluded the creation of secondary dwellings or units.

Can my property be rented out?

Yes.  And this includes letting your property on a short-term basis (e.g. AirBnB) so long as the entire property is let as one.  Contrary to our views on secondary dwellings, we don’t believe short term letting of a house creates a meaningful impact on the surrounding neighbourhood and infrastructure.  We also acknowledge that Cromwell is an attractive location for ‘lock up and leave’ holiday homes, which some may decide to let out for short term stays.

What category of internet connection will there be?

UFB will be available. 

Will Wooing Tree Estate connect to the Regional Cycle Trail?

Yes, we’re designing the development to connect with the regional cycle trail. We are working in collaboration with Central Otago District Council to align the cycle trail to create the best connectivity with the broader network and are excited about integrating this trail within the new neighbourhood.

Will grapes be harvested from the vines? How will this work?

Yes, the vines will continue to be used to make our award-winning wine. This will require the intermittent use of pruning machines and other plant necessary to maintain the vines.  The vines will be fully organic, and we are designing these areas specifically to allow for ease of maintenance once in operation.

When will the retail precinct be delivered?

We plan on kicking off the first phase of retail development during Stage 2 of Wooing Tree Estate.  Whilst this is subject to consent, we anticipate construction to commence in 2022 with the first retail doors being opened in late 2022.

All reasonable care has been taken by the vendor and its agents in the preparation of this document. Nevertheless, all information in this document is indicative only, subject to change, and does not form part of the Sale and Purchase Agreement. The Sale and Purchase Agreement forms the entirety of the agreement between the vendor and purchaser and sets out all details of the property purchased and the legal obligations of both the vendor and purchaser.

Last updated 21 February 2021.

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