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About Wooing Tree Estate

There will be up to 390 residential sections within Wooing Tree Estate. All land will be sold with freehold titles, serviced and ready to build.

Construction of Stage 1, 2 & 3 is complete.

Stage 3 titles are due at the end of February or early March 2024.

The masterplan was consented under the Fast Track Legislation Act in September 2021. This is available to view on the Environmental Protection Agency website We have made a few changes to the road pattern in Stage 3 but they are in general accordance with the consented masterplan. The revised road pattern and lot layout required a variation to the masterplan consent which has been granted by Central Otago District Council

Stage 4 will comprise a combination of comprehensively designed duplexes and townhouses.

All Wooing Tree Estate sections will have fully integrated services provided to the lot boundary. These include connections to CODC reticulated services (water and wastewater), electricity and fibre optic broadband cable.

If your section is accessed from a right of the way then a power duct will be installed underground to within 1m of your boundary and your electricity provider will need to install the cable from the power box within road reserve.

Stormwater is to be treated onsite and within each lot via soakage. The sites have been tested and confirmed that the soil is free draining and suitable for soakage.

Yes. GST is included in our pricing for all sections.

We have a range of section sizes that vary across the development and depend on location and orientation. Please visit the sections for sale page for sizes.

Yes there are Land Covenants for the development that will be applicable to each section and resident. The Land Covenants include rules that help ensure Wooing Tree is a cohesive community and minimum standards are adhered to by each resident.

Purchasing a Section at Wooing Tree Estate

You can register your interest on our website here or you can contact our Sales Representative from Sotheby’s, Justine Burke directly using the details below.

Justine Burke

Mobile phone: +64 22 096 1621

Office phone: +64 3 441 0120


There will be up to 390 residential sections within Wooing Tree Estate. All land will be sold with freehold titles, serviced and ready to build.

10% of the purchaser price is payable on signing of the agreement by both parties.
Your deposits will be held in a solicitor’s trust account until settlement.

Wooing Tree Estate does not permit the on sale of bare land. This requirement is consistent with other Veros and multi stage developments to ensure the community is established at the earliest opportunity.

Building at Wooing Tree Estate

Yes. Wooing Tree Estate is working closely with several local building companies who are offering house and land packages.
Check out our Homes for Sale page or visit their websites for more detail: Barrett Homes, Mike Greer Homes, GJ Gardner Homes.

You can commission any building company for your section at Wooing Tree Estate, provided they comply with our design controls and approval process.

You are welcome to select your own architect. If you’re not sure where to start, the Veros Development Management team working with Wooing Tree Estate can assist you in finding the right architect or design and build company that suits your needs. Visit the contact page to send the team a message.

Yes. Our design controls and approval process have been put in place to ensure clarity and transparency around housing and landscape design at Wooing Tree Estate. Queenstown based architects, Baxter Design prepared these design controls while allowing scope for innovation and individuality. The Wooing Tree Estate design guide uses common themes, materials, and palettes to ensure a high-quality integrated neighbourhood.

All building plans must be approved by our design review panel which includes local architects and experienced members of our development management team.

The design approval process is laid out in the Design Guidelines available on the downloads page of the website. However, if you have any questions on the process or acceptable design solutions please get in touch with one of the Veros development managers, all details are listed on the contact page.

Yes there are fees associated with the Design Approval Process that capture Design Review Board costs.

The fees are:
i. Review and issue approval $480 plus GST
ii. Post Completion Review $320 plus GST
iii. Disbursement Fee $40 plus GST or $120 plus GST for speciality post-completion review call out.

The fees are charged to the applicant once Stage 2 Design Approval has been completed and must be paid before Stage 3 Design Approval. Typical design review board costs are based on averages and single dwellings complying with the Wooing Tree Estate Design Guidelines.

If applications are incomplete or additional time is required to review departures that conflict with the design guideline intent, then additional time will be charged to the applicant. The additional time will be charged up to a maximum of $1000 plus GST for review and issue of approval.

No, at least not in Stage 1, 2 or 3. We want to ensure the neighbourhood we create at Wooing Tree Estate is designed specifically to accommodate its resident owners. Allowing secondary dwellings, would have required a different approach to designing roads and other infrastructure to support the additional load in areas such as on-street parking and dwelling setbacks. We decided not to go down this path in Stage 1,  largely Stage 2 and 3 and have therefore precluded the creation of secondary dwellings, dual occupancy or units.

Dual occupancy is attached but separate dual living homes. Each home will ordinarily have a dedicated entrance, amenities and yard. The section will remain in one title which is the key difference to a duplex.

We have allowed Lot 515 to be dual occupancy because we have designed the infrastructure to accommodate the additional load and the net area will accommodate the necessary outdoor living areas.

Yes. And this includes letting your property on a short-term basis (e.g. AirBnB) so long as the entire property is let. Contrary to our view on secondary dwellings, we don’t believe short term letting of a house creates a meaningful impact on the surrounding neighbourhood and infrastructure. We also acknowledge that Cromwell is an attractive location for ‘lock up and leave’ holiday homes, which some may decide to let out for short term stays.  If you are using your home as a short term rental you may need a resource consent and we suggest you seek advice on this.

About the Developer

The Wooing Tree Development Partnership was created in 2019 and is a joint venture between Wooing Tree Vineyard owners, Steve and Thea Farquharson, and Crawshaw Properties – a Tauranga based property investment company. Wooing Tree Development Partnership has engaged Veros as development manager.

Based in the North Island, Veros is a professional property services company specialising in development management, project management, strategic advisory, property advisory and asset management. Veros is development manager for over 10 projects with more than 2,000 sections in new communities across provincial New Zealand, creating section and housing diversity for kiwis.

A monthly email newsletter will keep you informed of progress with the project and surrounding area.

Wooing Tree Vineyard + Retail Precinct

Yes, Wooing Tree Vineyard is most definitely here to stay. In May 2021 Wooing Tree Vineyard’s owners Steve and Thea purchased a new vineyard not far from Cromwell which combined with the vineyard buffer zone at Wooing Tree Estate, will give them similar, or higher, grape volumes so they can continue producing their stunning award-winning wines.

The majority of the pre-existing vines have been transplanted to the new vineyard and some have been replanted within the Estate’s buffer zones meaning Wooing Tree’s award-winning wine will continue to come from the same vines.

The creation of Wooing Tree Estate also created the opportunity to build a new purpose-built cellar door and restaurant with supporting boutique retail at the heart of the new neighbourhood. The plans for the new cellar door at the gateway to the estate are coming together nicely. 

The new cellar door is now under construction with the opening planned for mid 2024. During this time, the Wooing Tree team have re-located to a new office space and all sales will be online during this period. The wine club and online store is business as usual so you can order your favourite wines on the Wooing Tree website.

Yes, the vines will continue to be used to make award-winning Wooing Tree wine. This will require the intermittent use of pruning machines and other plant necessary to maintain the vines. The vines will be managed with organic techniques, and we have designed these areas specifically to allow for ease of maintenance once in operation. There will be organic spray that may drift from time to time but they will only be applied with favourable winds. There are restrictions on weed sprays for properties adjacent to the buffer zone to ensure vines are not impacted by harsh chemicals.

The majority of the pre-existing vines have been transplanted to the new vineyard and more will be transplanted around the estate meaning Wooing Tree’s award-winning wine will continue to come from the same vines.

BestStart have been confirmed as an owner and operator of an Early Childhood Centre within Wooing Tree. While this is subject to consent, we anticipate construction to commence in 2024. 

Two commercial buildings totalling 600 sqm as retail/hospitality space have been issued consent. The buildings are adjacent to the new Cellar Door. Construction is due to start in May 2024. Tenants are still to be confirmed.

More information here about the neighbourhood centre.

All reasonable care has been taken by the vendor and its agents in the preparation of this FAQ document. Nevertheless, all information in this document is indicative only, subject to change, and does not form part of the Sale and Purchase Agreement. The Sale and Purchase Agreement forms the entirety of the agreement between the vendor and purchaser and sets out all details of the property purchased and the legal obligations of both the vendor and purchaser (as of 19 May 2022).

Last updated 8th February 2024.

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