From the vines to the rooflines, discover how our design guide honours our sense of place.

To give the new development a sense of identity and continuity – and to keep it from looking like a random suburban mix of housing – Wooing Tree Estate has developed design controls that keep the colours, materials and cladding of all the homes to a minimum. Local stone, timber and metal are to be used – reflecting a rural underlay and respecting the sensitivity of its location. New residents are welcome to bring their own architect or designer, with the understanding they must work within this set of design controls.

The vines are an integral part of the Wooing Tree story and a major component and consideration for future development of the site. Having a framework of viticulture at a scale where it still plays a part in the urban design, but doesn’t overwhelm it, is important to this development. With architectural forms that take the shape of a contemporary Central Otago response in the form of traditional gable roofs, avoiding hip roofs and that brick-and-tile approach to building homes. The intent is to keep a substantial fringe of vines that wrap around the entire south and west borders of the site, cloaking it in a soft green shroud creating a truly unique point of difference. The vines are not only a nod to the award-winning winery from which the new development takes its name, but also reference the nearby Bannockburn and Bendigo wine regions, home to some of Central’s top labels.

Last, but not least is the Wooing Tree itself. The way this famous tree is recognised and celebrated by the local community is reflected in the pride of place given to it in the master plan. The tree sits at the centre of the design, on a strong view shaft that connects it to the town’s famous ‘giant fruit’ sculpture. There are very strong connections between all the streets and the green spaces, and how they connect with the wider Cromwell community, through walking paths and cycleways.

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