Wooing Tree Park

A tranquil reserve at the heart of Wooing Tree Estate.

Limited release - 10 new homes

This tranquil setting is located in an exclusive pocket of the Estate that is home to the famous Wooing Tree itself – a 100 year old national icon that’s been a favourite meeting place for generations of young lovers.

If you have an architectural eye and are looking to build something special, you now have the option to work with Integrity Homes or Barrett Homes – designers and builders of homes that are inspired by the unique landscapes of Central Otago.

View the available home packages on the interactive map below. Hover over the section number to learn more.

Wooing Tree Park Pricing

Lot #Home/SectionLot SizeFloor SizePriceExpected Title Date
530Home Package414㎡167㎡$1,290,000December 2023Enquire Now
531Home Package335㎡167㎡$1,250,000December 2023View Listing
532Home Package335㎡167㎡$1,250,000December 2023View Listing
533Home Package335㎡167㎡$1,250,000December 2023Enquire Now
534Home Package335㎡167㎡$1,250,000December 2023Enquire Now
535Home Package400㎡167㎡$1,275,000December 2023Enquire Now
545Home Package324㎡149㎡$1,120,000December 2023View Listing
546Home Package273㎡131㎡$1,010,000December 2023View Listing
547Home Package273㎡131㎡$995,000December 2023View Listing
548Home Package385㎡151㎡$1,110,000December 2023View Listing
538Section Only351㎡-SOLDDecember 2023
539Section Only273㎡-SOLDDecember 2023
540Section Only351㎡-SOLDDecember 2023
541Section Only273㎡-SOLDDecember 2023
542Section Only325㎡-SOLDDecember 2023

View our Sales and Purchase agreement here. Please note that area size is “more or less” and prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are inclusive of GST.

For more information about the lots and the Wooing Tree Estate development, visit our FAQ page.

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