Stage 1

All sections sold and titles issued. 

Stage 1 Pricing

Lot #Lot SizePriceExpected Title Date
11002㎡SOLDTitle Issued
21002㎡SOLDTitle Issued
31002㎡SOLDTitle Issued
41002㎡SOLDTitle Issued
51002㎡SOLDTitle Issued
6764㎡SOLDTitle Issued
7650㎡SOLDTitle Issued
8650㎡SOLDTitle Issued
9650㎡SOLDTitle Issued
10673㎡SOLDTitle Issued
12512㎡SOLDTitle Issued
13515㎡SOLDTitle Issued
14505㎡SOLDTitle Issued
15512㎡SOLDTitle Issued
16832㎡SOLDTitle Issued
17503㎡SOLDTitle Issued
18528㎡SOLDTitle Issued
19501㎡SOLDTitle Issued
20501㎡SOLDTitle Issued
21501㎡SOLDTitle Issued
22501㎡SOLDTitle Issued
23510㎡SOLDTitle Issued
24683㎡SOLDTitle Issued
25501㎡SOLDTitle Issued
26501㎡SOLDTitle Issued
27501㎡SOLDTitle Issued
28501㎡SOLDTitle Issued
29501㎡SOLDTitle Issued
30501㎡SOLDTitle Issued
31502㎡SOLDTitle Issued
32502㎡SOLDTitle Issued
33529㎡SOLDTitle Issued

Please note that area size is “more or less” and prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are inclusive of GST.

For more information about the title and the Wooing Tree Estate development, visit our FAQ page.

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