Taking shape

The area surrounding the Wooing Tree Estate neighbourhood will rapidly take shape this spring with some major milestones in the development now underway.

As well as road sealing between the two roundabouts on SH 8B and SH6, over the next six weeks Fulton Hogan will complete footpath installation and landscaping the roundabouts and Estate boundary. Paddy Baxter design has been engaged to plan and design the roundabout and entrance blending selected native grasses, shrubs and established trees.

Veros director, Duarne Lankshear says he is delighted with completed stages to date and even more excited about the next stages, particularly the entrance off the Stage Highway, the new underpass and the connection to a new cycleway and pedestrian link through the site. Quality landscaping, open spaces and great design guidelines for the housing has seen Wooing Tree Estate position itself as a wonderful addition to Cromwell, a new neighborhood that will deliver enduring quality.

We’re investing over and above your typical subdivision for a high quality, attractive street scape and a neighbourhood that residents feel proud to live in.”

Meanwhile local drivers can expect to see diggers on the estate’s western boundary in coming weeks, preparing the 850m long, 1.8m high bund, which will be transplanted in Wooing Tree vines in the Spring of 2023.

As part of Stage 1 there are now five houses built at Wooing Tree Estate, with 23 under construction. Stage 2 construction delivering another 127 Sections will be complete between November this year and January 2023.

Check out the sections available for you to build your new home in this idyllic spot, or contact our sales team to learn more.

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