The Best Move We Ever Made

Brother and sister and long-time Cromwell residents, Rex Johnson and Pauline Copeland were the first people to move into new homes on Bragato Way at Wooing Tree Estate last year.

The two homes immediately next door to each other were designed and built by Pauline’s daughter, Dee and her partner Jase Williams through their company Barrett Homes, Central Otago.

“We made a pretty deliberate plan to be each other’s mutual support at this stage of our lives and being so close means we can do things together, have occasional meals etc,” says Rex.

Pauline and Rex, siblings and next door neighbours

“I was really pleased when the developers decided to keep the Wooing Tree. It’s a real icon and I think they sort of gained the hearts of the community doing that,”

Pauline agrees that there is already a sense of community building up within the neighbourhood.

“We are both very pleased to see the wide range of ages of families taking up residence in the estate. It is great to hear the sounds of families enjoying themselves as they make use of the adjacent greenway,” says Pauline.

As well as being very comfortable and warm in their new homes the pair love the location and access to their favourite activities. Pauline is a golfer, they enjoy exploring together on their e-bikes and Rex loves walking the wider Central Otago.

“It’s a great area to access everything we need. We are really looking forward to the years ahead,” says Rex.

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